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Introducing Mino

Mino CENS® are level dependent electronic ear plugs that provide an impressive 31dB SNR with the ability to enable the wearer to hear sounds around them. The state-of-theart digital amplifier ensures that each user is never subjected to over attenuation and is as effective in a quieter environment as it is in the very noisiest environment.


PROTECThear inserts are custom moulded soft silicone earpieces, individually crafted under the strictest conditions from an exact impression of the user's ears.
Each pair is manufactured using specially formulated medical grade silicone, to offer the highest degree to comfort whilst providing a highly effective acoustic barrier.

Specialist Accessories

Personal sub-miniature gooseneck boom microphone for simple and easy 2-way communication. It can be combined with PROTECThear earpieces to provide effective noise protection in addition to 2-way comms. Fitted with a 2.5mm stereo gold plated jack plug, the NanoComm fits either left or right ears and can be worn with noise protection headsets.

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