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Mino CENS® Industrial

Level Dependent Universal Electronic Hearing Protection

Mino CENS® are level dependent electronic ear plugs that provide an impressive 31dB SNR with the ability to enable the wearer to hear sounds around them. The state-of-the-art digital amplifier ensures that each user is never subjected to over attenuation and is as effective in a quieter environment as it is in the very noisiest environment.

H = 32 M = 27 L = 25

Battery Type: Zinc Air 10A
Up to 50 hours continuous battery life.

Noise Induced Hearing Loss

Approximately 30% of workers are exposed to hazardous levels of noise at some point during their working day and over 10% are exposed at all times.

The control of noise regulations 2005 states that anyone working in an environment where noise levels exceed 80dB is at risk of hearing damage and employers must provide their employees with hearing protectors on request. 

If the noise level exceeds 85dB then employers must provide employees with hearing protectors and make sure they use them properly. There is also a protected maximum exposure limit of 87dB which must not be exceeded even when wearing protection.

It is also important to determine whether employees needs to communicate verbally during the course of their work, and therefore a hearing protector should be provided that does not over-attenuate the speech frequencies.

Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is one of the biggest occupational health problems facing us today. Whilst NIHL is permanent and irreversible, it is also 100% preventable. NIHL is a gradual process and often by the time we are aware of the problem it is too late. It can take 10-20 years for long-term damage to become apparent.

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