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from Puretone is a new ultra-light, universal sub-miniature, gooseneck boom microphone.

Weighing only 2g, the NanoComm headset features a 2.8mm diameter boom microphone, while the snap-fit action allows it to be connected to generic eartips or the optional silicone mould. This means the NanoComm will fit comfortably into almost any ear. Ideal for all situations where easy hands-free two-way communication is needed.

The NanoComm fits either the left or right ear and can be worn under crash helmets or noise protection headsets, and can also be fitted with a PROTECThear custom earmould for effective hearing protection while still allowing communication.

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Generic Ear Tip

Fits both left and right ears. Comes in small, medium and large sizes.


Foam Windshield and Miniature Gooseneck Boom Microphone

Reduces wind noise for a clear and high-quality sound. Flexible boom mic adjusts to any position.


Custom Earpiece

Available as an option for an exact fit and comfort over long durations. Clips onto Boom Microphone and is available in mono (single) and stereo (twin) configurations.


Choice Of Jack Plugs

The NanoComm can be fitted with a variety of jack plugs to suit the most common proprietary radio equipment.


Push To Talk Switch

Small or large switch available on NanoComm XPM and XPS, featuring clothing clip.



The NanoComm XPS comes fitted with a anti-choke quick-release lanyard, that allows cables to run inside pockets to each ear, while keeping them tidy.


Visit our NanoComm website today for more information, downloads and to configure your ideal NanoComm model from all the available options.

The NanoComm range has many features and customisations that can make it unique to the application you desire.


Applications For NanoComm

The NanoComm is ideal for many applications where easy and reliable two-way communication is needed. The unique generic design of the NanoComm means it can be easily worn with safety helmets and used in combination with other noise protection devices.

Applications include:

  • Police Forces
  • Telesales
  • Sports Officials
  • Broadcasters
  • Motorcyclists
  • Security Guards